M&J Machining s.r.o.

Bending tools

Tube bending

We offer tools for bending tubes (bending dies, clamping jaws, guide rails, mandrels, smoothers, collets) for various models and manufacturers of tube benders. We made the tools according to the supplied drawings or we design the tools according to the required end product. The tools can be simple single-storey or multi-storey with 3D bends for round, oval, rectangular, square or other atypical shapes. In addition to bending tools, we also offer the production of measuring jigs, jigs for cutting and forming pipe ends.

Machining fixtures

Multiple clamping

The multiple clamping base allows to clamp multiple workpieces at once and perform machining operations with a single tool on multiple parts, thus reducing downtime. Workpiece replacement is faster due to more positions. With multiple clamping, it is possible to achieve a production time of less than 10 seconds in the production of a thread on an average milling machine, including cleaning and replacement of workpieces.